The Order of the Lily
and the Eagle


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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Order of the Lily and the Eagle


To The Candidate

1 Your desire to offer your arms and your intellect towards the realization of the Ideal which we pursue, touches me deeply, and in the name of all the members of our Order, I wish to thank you.

2 But, before letting you engage yourself definitely in the new path you propose to follow, it is my duty to explain to you in a few words the principles which constitute the moral edifice of our Order, as well as our reciprocal duties, created by the fact of your joining us. Listen very attentively to what I say, for a wise man should be acquainted with the path he is prepared to follow, before coming to a final decision.

3 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle considers the Liberty and Independence of the individual to be an imprescriptible right of Man.

4 Basing itself on this principle, the Order of the Lily and the Eagle leaves absolute liberty and independence to every one of its members. And, considering all human beings equal, without distinction as to sex, caste, race or nationality, it permits every one to retain his own beliefs as well as his religious and political ideas.

5 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle still basing itself on the foregoing principle, forbids Its Members, under penalty of expulsion from the Order, to discuss, after the regular opening of a meeting, subjects touching politics, religion or any other metaphysical or theosophical doctrine, with the object of influencing their fellow-members along these lines.

6 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle forbids all of its members to engage in propaganda of a sectarian character in favour of the Order.

7 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle opposed to all forms of subjection whether mental, psychic or physical, urges every member most strongly to respect the liberty of others.

8 Since the Order of the Lily and the Eagle is based on morality, honesty, justice and rectitude, it requires from all of its members the adoption of these social virtues in their own future conduct. Any member who refuses to conduct themselves in a healthy manner in their secular life, will be stricken from its ranks.

9 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle requests all its members to follow loyally and carry out strictly the rules and laws enacted by the Order as much for the unhampered progress of its activity, as for the realization of our Aim. Those of our members, who shall have neglected three times to observe these regulations of the Order, will be dropped from the Order.

10 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle engages itself by enlightened advice to guide its members towards the development and manifestation of their own personalities. Furthermore, it engages itself to procure to all its Knights, psychic, moral and intellectual weapons for the fight against evil and in favour of the well being of the 'collectivity'.

11 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle considers prejudices, superstitions, as well as certain social conventions such as secrecy, flattery and promise, as elements having a tendency to enslave the individual as well as the masses. It proclaims itself the adversary of these social vices and shows its members the means of getting rid of them and of abstaining from them.

12 The Order of the Lily and the Eagle has as its motto:

"Love and Reciprocity, established in the heart of Humanity".

13 The principles on which the entire structure of our Order is based are being realized in the very bosom of the Order and are reflected in the society.

14 The Knight and the Lady of the Lily and the Eagle have but one word and this they must place above everything else, even to the detriment of their own interests.

15 The Knight and the Lady of the Lily and the Eagle are disdainful of wrongs committed against themselves. They meet them with indifference.

16 Such are the moral principles on which our Order is established. You will find them engraved in the soul of each of our brethren as well as in the rules, laws and in the Aims of our Order.

This document is used as an interoduction to those individuals who wish to begin their personal work of self-Initiation.

If you wish to to start your own personal work, guided by Dea's wisdom then please contact us stating your interest.

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Application of Freedom

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