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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Order of the Lily and the Eagle


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HOROSCOPE for the Year 1923

(DIAGRAM) - see january_1923.ros file {right-click and save}

State of the Sky {Heavens} 1 January 1923


100° 3'


80° 17'


334° 42'


122° 25'


24° 15'


214° 22'


193° 37’


342° 52'


136° 34'



(DIAGRAM) - see july_1923.ros file {right-click and save}

State of the Sky {Heavens} 1 July 1923


278° 35'


316° 5'


356° 50'


52° 0'


118° 3'


228° 26'


199° 32'


344° 48'


137° 40'


119° 45’

--- 0 ---


{ P. = Perihelion A. = Aphelion E. A. = état aphélique - 'state of aphelion' - denoted as alpha
E. P.? = état ??? ‘state of perihelion’ - denoted as small omega }

The year 1923 opens with four significators in the zone:

the full moon, Dora, Venus both in conjunction without periscopic power, and Neptune, Dora is at P, Venus at P, Neptune is E. A. {state of aphelion}. The Earth is at this time of year is always at P. This the Moon is the powerful significator on the first of January 1923.   Our satellite will play a key role during the course of this year. There is no significator in the second zone. In zone 3 Saturn and Jupiter are the significators for the 2nd quarter of the year.

Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are diurnal planets at noon on the first of January 1923, that is to say they are invisible. The {satellite} Moon, Dora and Neptune are nocturnal at midnight on the first of January 1923. So the 3 significators of the 1st of January are nocturnal, the Moon, Dora and Neptune, and the diurnal Venus. {diurnal - active in the daytime nocturnal - active during the night - perhaps.}


Silver, purple, red. Gray and pearl gray towards the summer.

We follow the Moon our principal significator through its journey {peregrinations}, and from its aspects and conjunctions we will draw things judged to be useful {judicial usefullness}. The Moon is favourable to the planets of our system that bears its signature ; these planets are Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Ouranos. It is unfavourable to the others {plants} as it adds when in conjunction, alterations made to the etheric fluids which they receive before transmitting them to the Earth.


1923 The 3rd of January at about half past midnight, the Moon is in conjunction with Dora. This is one of the best moments, where you beings are capable to be exalted for the researches into the problems of Silence.

The talismen that can be accomplished {created} at this time, are effective for those who suffer from the organs of speech. The mute could speak under such influence, because the Moon is the companion of Silence, and Dora is a Planet which in spite of its perihelion spreads much on the Earth of its sensitive soul.

The 3rd of January at 4am, the Moon enters a strong aspect with Venus at perihelion, a propitious moment to establish a copper silver talisman {possibly silver plated copper?}, symbolising the Moon on one of its surfaces and the Moon on the other with the Moon dominating {above} Venus. This talisman cures lupus in 9 months, and venereal diseases, as well as diseases of the stomach. The bronchi which suffer from chronic patients can be very relieved. The bronchi that suffer from chronic diseases can be very much relieved. The beings which suffer from these diseases, in the absence of talisman must rise at this hour, and binding a red silk cloth and a cloth of white linen and gaze upon {under the gaze of ?} the 2 celestial bodies saying: "Dea the Generator, come to my call, and please protect me so that the forces of the Lilies and the Eagles who act at this moment will be favourable {conducive} to me".

This evocation is made to the 4 cardinal points, the ligation {the act of binding} is carried out. These clothes thus bound, are worn on the body until the 4th of February 1923, and the disease, if it is light is cured, if severe it will be stopped in its destructive tracks.

January 4, 1923 at 5am in the morning - the Moon enters in conjunction with Neptune the great sentimental solitary poet. We know the powerful action of Neptune on the human soul. Its force is balanced by that of our satellite which is still powerful, but cannot collect {capture} the vibrations of Neptune. Under this influence one can successfully make a Talisman of sensorial Dominance called Psychocrator. This talisman provides an initiates the means of psychic action, very powerful and of almost absolute assertion Psychocrator carries on one of its faces the following sign:

(Diagram) {right-click and save}

The 2nd of February 1923 at 3:30am - The Moon is in trine opposition with Venus. 2 days before and after this, those born under the influence of Mercury should welcome this strong aspect of beauty, and must devote these days to the arts or the sciences which ever they prefer. Inventors are favoured by this aspect. The weather at this time is mild as spring.

31st March 1923 at 1am - Conjunction of the Moon with the Earth and Saturn. The dominant element is the Moon, with a strong influence of Jupiter at aphelion.

During 1923, this is the only day when the initiate can start preparing the talisman named the Diothrix, talisman of transvision and transaudition.

In addition to the transcendent power, this talisman possesses the force to heal all diseases of the brain: congestions, meningitis, myélites, etc. For {for} those who have Saturn in the first area of their horoscope. Since the 20th of March they must safeguard against disputes and quarrels etc. because they risk imprisonment. All Saturnians {both male and female} should not contract sentimental liasions from the 20 March to the 15 of April 1923, because this influence is harmful to their freedom.

The two faces of Diothrix have the following signs:

(It is of lead metal and carries on the face). {? perhaps, it is of lead and is carried on the front {of the body} ?}

{2 diagrams}

The 2nd of April 1923 at 4am. - The conjunction of the Moon with Jupiter. The 2 elements are balanced, because Jupiter is at aphelion.

In this case the influences are a mixture of the Moon and of Jupiter although in periscopic power, the result is not bad. - An action of a queen in this period (15 days before and after) will dazzle the world. At this moment it is the time to prepare the elixir called by Orphists Iris, which heals all ills of the eyes.

June 21st at midnight in Paris. - Conjunction of the Moon with Mercury. The strong element {member} is Mercury. It is a favourable moment to inspire the poets and composers. This association with the Moon prepares all those which were born under the star of the aches and pains of the stomach. During this period, these same people must preserve {take care of} their neck.

On the 23rd of September 1923 at 11:30pm, the Moon enters conjunction with Mercury and Ouranos. Anyone born under any influence of Ouranos should make the talisman called Ouranasoma. The Moon is the dominating element in this triple conjunction. With this talisman all the diseases of the intestines, abdominal and stomach ; but the talisman Ouranasoma has very great powers and acts on the soul and the spirit, when done under the auspices we indicated it aquires the power to unmask the hypocrite and the deceiver, and to confound the liar. Ouranasoma is a talisman Mentor as it is called by the Orphists.

The initiate who happens to prepare it according to the rule, each time that they have the occasion {opportunity} to make use of it, experience the real {genuine} services of this dynamo-physical power saturated by the Moon, in a few grams of concentrated material engraved in signs.


This talisman must be done this year, because this conjunction is repeated under analagous {conditions} in 1924, 1925 and 1926. After Ouranos leaves its aphelion, the talisman will not be able to be remade until its {the planet's} return.

The year 1923 is Lunar, it is rich for the preparation of diverse talismans and in the preparation of different orphic medicines.

I have cited the some principals {keys}. Since 1923, the following year 1924, will be conducive for these preparations because it will be a solar year.


The house of the Earth 100° - 119°. The Earth dominates the first 20 days of the year, mixed with the lunar influences.

In the northern countries, there will be a drop of cold and an abundance of rain ; for temperate and southern countries, spring time weather.

An earthquake {of the Earth} is promised between the 1st and 20th of January ; the location being Italy. There will be an exploding volcano. There will be another earthquake in Budapest and its surroundings, and a third in the isles of Japan.

The house of Dora 119°-121°. - the influence of Dora (a planet unknown to Astronomers) will be for 3 days, the 19th to the 21st of January. In contact with comet Tuttle that appeared at its perihelion of 290° 12' in 1862 as calculated by the astronomer Hayn, A. N. n° 2933, it drew dynamic forces that is projected onto us remotely. It inaugurates with the opening of house the beginning {opening} the house the beginning of the ninth year of the foundation of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle and the 9th year of the Eonian Era. These three days will be noted for by events of peace and unity.Soft and dry temperatures.

House of Venus 121° to 136° - From 21 January to 5 February, Venus will dominate the perihelion of the Earth. During this period there will be observed an increase in rather dangerous venereal diseases, disunity and ruptures. If European peace has not been signed by January 21, this signature will become an issue. Softened temperature and drought. Fashion will be things of sharp {angular ?} forms.

Between late January and the 5th of February, jealous dramas and acts of violence will emerge in America.

The House of Neptune, 136° to 193° - February the 6th to the 3rd of April, Neptune is in a state of aphelion, its vibrations dominate the Earth. Its etheric fluids are quite violent and are einforced by those of Jupiter, we announce strong winds in late March and the beginning of April. The 'simoom' {sandstorm} is very powerful and is preparing a great fall of sand in southern Algeria and slightly less along the North Africa coast.

For temperate regions a very stormy spring, several flashes of lightening causing great devastation. In the collectivity {community}, strong political quarrels in which self-esteem is at stake. Very great crises and several downfall of very large ministries in European states.

The House of Saturn, 193° to 215° 30' - From April the 3rd to the 25th, Saturn in state of aphelion that dominates the Earth. There will be a great struggle in the political arena, dangers of isloated war. A metaphysical school will emerge after the death of an eminent man in the field. Time will return to the beautiful, fixed {permanent} during this period. Premature {early} heat will make an appearance. Advent of a king or the elevation of a person for the leadership of a new nation. He will be noticed for his wisdom and his love for justice.

The House of Jupiter, from 215° to 334° - Jupiter in aphelion dominates from 215° 30' to 334° 30', that is to say from the 25th April to the 19th August 1923. During the first period, it {Jupiter} combines its vibrations with our own satellite, and during the second period with Mercury.

It is a period of training and for the feverish {hectic} preparations for the last struggle, the fever of domination. But the nature of the astral influences will not allow {permit} a war to disfigure humanity this year, but alas, it is not far off. Those who have Jupiter in their first zone, will be favoured at this time of the year, trade {commerce} and business will undeo a happy revival. - A humid Summer.

The House of Mercury, 334° 30' to 343° - From the 19th to 28th of August, Mercury rules over the Earth, being at its aphelion. This influence is happy {fortuitous}, men taste absolutely calm during this ninth month.

The House of Uranus from 343° to 23° - From the 28th of August to the 7th of October 1923, Uranus is in aphelion rules {dominates} on Earth. Cyclones and strong winds will damage the latitude of 25° North to 25° South of the equator, throughout this range {area}.

Molotov cocktails {incendiary bottles} explode in central Europe and explosions destroy a fairly large city. A rational anger, at month closed, will manifest in peoples of the North and a new rumour of war will emerge. Tentative response, partial success in the political and social fields in a European nation and one other.

The House of Mars, 343° to 23° - From the 7th of October to the 16th of November, Mars dominates without aspect on the Earth. War is in preparation for next year. Some ship and rail disasters indiciated with a few casualties. Only one great catastrophe will be observed during this period : the fall of a train over a cliff {precipice} will occassion great mourning.

The transient House from 23° to 101° - This is a transitional period as for the year 1922, all things begun {then} will not be completed until 1924.


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