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Order of the Lily and the Eagle


Qt AstroPlayer was developed by the 'Commandery of Attica in the West' for Initiates studying Astrosophy. In order to use this application, the installation and Qt AstroPlayer programs require a password. Please send an e-mail in order to receive your password.


For Microsoft Windows: Request for qtAstroPlayer_Zip.exe

If you wish to download Qt AstroPlayer then please contact us.

In Order to Install the Qt AstroPlayer application:
Run the self-extracting program that you have just downloaded  by double-clicking on the file. Follow the self-extractor instructions[1].

When and if you are asked for a password: xxxxxxxx

Please send an e-mail to receive your password.

Download QtAstroPlayer version 1.0 here 

QtAstroPlayer v1.0 - save this file to your desktop.

[1] Do not extract the files in the 'self-extracting executable' and try and run the Setup program. This approach will not work correctly.

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