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xPlans Ephemeris


The xPlans Ephemeris application gives the position of the 9 planets of the solar system and the Earth's moon for a number of co-ordinate systems - heliocentric, geocentric, RA-Declination, Altitude-Azimuth, HA-Declination. The calculated positions are based on modern astronomical theories.[1]

xPlans Ephemeris was developed by the 'Commandery of Attica the West' for any and all Initiates who wish to do personal studies in Astrosophy.

[1] As no modern acurrate perturbation theory exists for the astronomical body Pluto, its position is approximate at best.
Note: It is unlikely that 'Pluto' corresponds to planet Ω or planet Dora.


Download the program by right-clicking on the link and save it to a suitable location on your hard disk.

For 64 bit Microsoft Windows: Request for xPlans_Zip.exe

1 Download Windows 64 bit the xPlans Application Download Here

2 Run the self-extracting program that you have just downloaded.

3 If you have any issues, please ask me for support.

The xPlans Ephemeris application calculates the 9 planetary positions - with Pluto taken as the 9th planet.
This program is based on  "Astronomy with your Personal Computer" by Peter Duffett-Smith as well as the 'xephemeris' project whose source code was invaluable help.

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Ephemeris Application

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