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Other astronomical programs that the Initiates of Astrosophy may find useful are:

Astronomy Programs:


ole¤ CyberSky

ole¤ Ephemeris Tool 4

ole¤ Home Planet

ole¤ WinEphem 109

ole¤ Stellarium - Open Source Planetarium



The following is useful but is difficult to obtain:

ole¤ Planet's Orbits v1.7 and c88 from Alcyone Software


Astronomy Web Sites:


ole¤ FormiLab - Solar System Live

ole¤ NASA - The Solar System

ole¤ The Jet Propulsion Laboratory - 'Near Earth Objects'

ole¤ IMCCE, Paris, France


ole¤ Astronomy and numerical software source codes

ole¤ Planetary data


Other Astronomy Resources:


ole¤ PortableApps  -    Download 'Celestia Portable' here

ole¤ PortableApps  -    Download 'Stellarium Portable' here


Note that the above suggested web sites and astronomy programs are purely for information purposes.


Inclusion as a link on this site does not imply 'agreement with' or 'recommendation of' any these sites or applications - or with any of the views that are expressed therein.

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