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Planet Ephemeris


oleThe Planet Ephemeris application gives the position of the 9 planets of the solar system and the earth's moon in a number of co-ordinate systems - heliocentric, geocentric, RA-Declination, Altitude-Azimuth, HA-Declination.[1]


The calculated positions are based on modern astronomical theories.


Planet Ephemeris was developed by the 'Commandery of the West' for any and all Initiates who wish to do personal studies in Astrosophy.





Download the program selecting the one appropriate for your Operating System by right-clicking on the link and save it to a suitable location on your hard disk

For Microsoft Windows

Request for xPlans_Zip.exe

This program works on XP, Windows 7 and should work on Vista.




Run the self-extracting program that you have just downloaded.

The Planet Ephemeris application - which allows the calculation of the planetary positions - is based on  "Astronomy with your Personal Computer" by Peter Duffett-Smith as well as the 'xephemeris' project whose source code was invaluable.


[1]As no modern perturbation theory exists for the astronomical body Pluto, its position is approximate at best.

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  Planet Ephemeris

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