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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Order of the Lily and the Eagle


Order of the Lily and the Eagle - Podcasts

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¤ 1: The Insights of Marie - Introductory Talk #1 - a free and 'true initiation'. Series 1-1
¤ 2: The Insights of Marie - Introductory Talk #2 - to change who you are, requires practice. Series 1-2
¤ 3: The Insights of Marie - Dissimilarity - What is Dissimilarity. Series 1-3
¤ 4: On Obstacles to Expressing Dissimilarity - Dissimilarity the natural law. Series 1-4

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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle was founded a little over a hundred years ago and has as its aim of helping humanity to advance both individually and consequently, collectively. The Order has as its motto:

Love and Reciprocity

Established in the heart of Humanity.

The unique goal of the Order is to deliver humanity from its hardship and difficulties. Any person who expresses an interest to affirm who they truly are and thereby contribute to a better society, are welcome to contact us.

The liberation and evolution of an adherent of the OL+E, is accomplished by study and through the application of its Teaching. And like every authentic, pure and true Initiatic school, our Teaching is complete and is ideally structured to meet and fulfil all the demands and difficulties of our time. The Teaching is practical, applicable and most of all, achievable even though it requires a high degree of personal effort.

Once the adherent has completed the study and application of the lesson of the first 15 theorems to their daily life, the adherent can then formally choose to join the Order of the Lily and the Eagle if they wish to.

As a member of the OLE, they undertakes not only to continue their own personal effort, but they also committed to the aims of our Order which is the realisation of 'Universal Charity'. By this we do not mean that the Order is a mutual benefit society. The work of the Order extends to all people as the aim of 'Universal Charity' is to help everyone physically, psychically and spiritually. In doing this, we awaken each person to the injustices of this world and help spread the Teaching of our Order throughout humanity.

As the Order of the Lily and the Eagle considers the freedom and independence of each person as being of utmost importance, it creates for each adherent and member, an environment that is free of prejudice and dogma, as well as free from any moral and intellectual doctrines. In this way, an individual can discover and develop for themselves, their own unique personality without any external influences. This is a true 'self-education', a 'true initiation', as guided by the wisdom held in the theorems of our Order. This is a starting point for anyone who wishes to better themselves and have the desire to contribute towards a healthier society. As you can imagine, this work is not without a certain degree of effort.

What is Initiation? Is it a secret society? Is it a way of acquiring mystical powers? Is it enlightenment or immortality gained by the 'elixir of life'?

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It is none of these.

Every True Initiation which is genuine, is a teaching that involves considerable effort, hard work and a steady persistence. The aims of True Initiation not only imparts profound and transcendental truths but, through this knowledge, to bring about a transformation at all levels of the person - physically, morally and mentally.

In order to form a unique personality, each adherent must overcome and discard all the influences and conditioning that has, up until this moment in their life, has fettered and obscured their true purpose. In short, the person is obliged to discover who they are and then express themselves. This can only be achieved by discarding everything that is contrary to that expression.

The aim of our Order is achieved by helping people acquire their own individual freedom and recover their own unique personality. Then, as members of the OL+E, the second aim is achieved by helping to establish 'Love and Reciprocity' throughout all humanity through the propagation of our Teaching throughout the peoples world.

The Eonian Tradition which the Order of the Lily and the Eagle holds to, consists of the study and application of - initially - the first 15 theorems of our Teaching. These 'theorem-keys' are are given freely to the Adherent following the correct methodology of Initiation. There is no further commitment or obligation to our Order. This means that you are not required to join the OL+E once you have completed the first 15 theorems.

If, after that time, the person wishes to continue their personal work under the protection of our Order, and they also have the desire to contribute to the spreading of our Teaching throughout society as a whole, they can then apply to become a member of our Order.

As a member of our Order, each person then have a number of obligations to themselves, society and to the Order. These are that:

  • they truly apply the Teaching to themselves and to their daily life,
  • they work for the propagation of the Teaching in society and
  • they apply themselves to the task of 'Universal Charity' both individually and collectively.

As we said above, 'Universal Charity' is not just a matter of giving alms, it also demands that we address the moral and spiritual states of the individual in need. For us in the Order of the Lily and the Eagle, the best form of 'Universal Charity' is to help the person to study and apply the first 15 theorems to their life without any obligation. We do this even if that person does not wish to join our Order to help us spread our vital and sacred work.

Lily and Eagle If you wish to follow the path of Self-Initiation and self-evolution, then please contact the The Order of the Lily and the Eagle for further information.

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As a general rule, a person feels, acts and then subsequently thinks. They think in order to justify their thoughtless actions. 
The first task is to think for ourselves before we 'act'.

Insisting that our 'individual truth' or 'my truth' is the only Truth - is a delusion that eventually leads to evil.

Our Teaching is one of liberation. It can never be one that requires or demands submission

Our purpose for our life is to be happy.
To be truly happy, we must liberate our being so that we are a reflection of our Higher Self. 

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