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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Order of the Lily and the Eagle


Expositions on Theorem One

Self-initiation is a process that requires the adherent develops who they are, through their own efforts and endeavours. We can compare this way of working to how we gain nutrition from the food that we eat. That is, each person must seleect the food that they will eat and then their body digests and assimilates that food for themselves. In the same way, each person must 'digest' and 'assimilate' the text of the theorem - what we can call 'spiritual food' - according to their particular nature and their own understanding, while at the same time, discarding those things that do not agree with them.

Based on this principle, self-initiation requires that the adherent must first work through the text of the theorem, in order to discover the underlying meanings that are expressed. We call this 1st step analysis because it corresponds to a process of 'taking apart' the theorem word by word. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the meaning is clear.

The next or 2nd step in this process is the proof of the theorem. That is, the adherent proves to their own satisfaction, that the theorem is 'true', or 'why' it is true. It is not enough to simply say, "I agree with the theorem", because we have to know and explain 'why' we agree with what it says. Actually the 'proof' is more of an explanation of 'why' the theorem is true rather than a formal mathematical proof.

This 'putting it back together' or synthesis, will also includes the adherent's conclusions coming out of their study. These conclusions are of particular importance for the third step below.

The final or 3rd step on the path of initiation, is the application of the conclusions that the adherent previously came to. This is the real key of enlightenment - the application of what we have learned for ourselves.

All healthy, open and free initiations will contain these three steps. This is, of course, according to the law of ternary.

Initiation as practiced by the Order of the Lily and the Eagle, is 'free' because the adherent is not told what they should do or not do. Further, the first 15 theorems of our Order are given without any obligation.

Initiation, or self-Initiation, is a search for and the application of these truths that we can find within the teaching of Marie, the founder of the OL+E. It is only through the application of this truth can someone become master of themselves, and become free and independant.

We present here, the first theorem of our Order along with a number of 'commentaries'. Those by Dupré and Agathos can be considered 'official', while the others represent the differing views and opinions of other individuals.

Having said that, what is more important is that each person make their own commentary on Marie's teaching.

We therefore repeat a warning regarding the documents and texts included here, and on this web site:

"The following commentaries must not be considered as being definitive statements regarding the first theorem'.

You should therefore make of them, whatever you will."



Every human being has a personality of their own as dissimilar as are two beings of the same race and of a similar nature.

This personality is more or less manifested and is more or less strong, depending on the degree of the individual’s experience.

"As for manifestation, it depends on the more or less free environment in which the individual was reared."

Commentaries on Theorem One

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Commentaries on the First Thoerem

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