The Order of the Lily
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Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Order of the Lily and the Eagle

On the Order of the Lily and the Eagle

Since time immemorial Man has been suffering, and his suffering - whose cause he ignores - seems to him unfair, and this makes him blaspheme. In his blindness, he totters under the weight of Destiny, which he bears in all its harshness. In his ignorance, he thinks that he is the toy of cruel laws. Some suffer but revolt; others, who are more bitter or easygoing, seek pleasure that does not satisfy them but becomes ever more imposing and peremptory. Society is thus composed of unhappy individuals, where the strongest triumphs, mercilessly enslaving his fellow persons, who are overpowered and can no longer believe in Justice.

The reason why Man is in this state of pain is not solely due to the reprehensible actions of his fellow persons. It is mainly due to his complete ignorance of the vital laws, knowledge of which could help him escape from his misery.

A slave of a society that was erroneously conceived in its fundamental laws, a slave to numerous prejudices and superstitions, a slave to an erroneous and conventional education, Man is the author of his own misfortune.

A great woman, emancipated from all prejudice and the all enslaving conventions, armed with the knowledge of the superior laws of morality and justice, watched with pain the morbid state of struggling Humanity, and her tender woman's heart, her even more tender mother's heart sympathized with Man for his great suffering.

As a remedy for these baneful causes, she founded the Order of the Lily and the Eagle.

In the heart of this Order and with the help of superior teachings, Man progressively improves, evolves and manages to produce the best and most complete manifestation of his personality. The Order of the Lily and the Eagle was therefore established to save Man by providing him with the weapons to fight against adversity for his own moral and spiritual evolution. Knowledge of the action and reaction of the immutable Laws of Creation actually gives him the possibility to use his free will to the benefit of his freedom of activity.

The Order's teachings are based on the fundamental principles of Love and Wisdom. These virtues, exalted by the noble precepts left but its Founder, enlighten Man's brain and warm his heart by showing him the usefulness and beauty of life.

Besides the superior teachings that she has bequeathed to us, the indubitable revelations that she gives us concerning death and the condition of being in this new state are an inestimable consolation to those living.

When Man is happy, he is both good and perfect. By 'happy' we do not refer to the material and fleeting happiness that is the precursor of future pains; we refer to the calm and peace that is the result of the serenity of our conscience; we refer to the happiness of living in harmony with everything that surrounds us, thanks to a correct conception of life.

Moreover, in solidarity, the members of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle have a duty to practise Charity in all its forms - spiritual, moral and material. Every misfortune is relieved after some examination of the case.

Freedom is one of the principles that inspires all the activities of a member of the Order. As a result, anyone - man or woman - with a healthy behaviour in a society can participate in the Order after being presented by two members. The Order of the Lily and the Eagle recognizes all people as equal, regardless of sex, race, caste, religion or opinion.

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle is a superior institution whose aims are:

To train every individual in the concept of love and moral perfection so that society may enjoy those conditions of life that are able to render Man happy.

2) To instruct anyone who shows aptitude and inclination in the sciences called metaphysical and spiritual.

The above-mentioned sciences taught in the Order are Orphic Astrosophy, Orphic Philosophy, Psychurgy and Theurgy.

3) Moreover, the Order of the Lily and the Eagle has a sacred aim, which is the constant practice of Charity by each and all of its members.

Its principle and motto is: 

"Love and Reciprocity established in the bosom of Humanity"

It recognizes that there is a spiritual hierarchy among Men, but that in no way must this hierarchy influence the material conditions of collective life. The Order of the Lily and the Eagle recognizes Equality of life for all human beings with a feeling of Reciprocity among Men and disapproves of all those who, in a society, assume rights and privileges concerning material existence and life.

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle considers individual freedom and independence an undisputed right of Man. Based on this principle, it allows absolute freedom and independence to all its members, and considers all human beings equal, permitting each one to retain their beliefs and political and religious conceptions. True to this principle, it forbids all members - at the risk of being demoted from the rank of Knighthood - to engage during Sessions upon subjects concerning politics, religion, or some other metaphysical or theosophical doctrine with the intent of influencing other members in this direction.

On the other hand, based on morality, uprightness, justice and loyalty, it demands from all its members to adopt these social virtues in their future conduct. Any Knight who refuses to follow a healthy social life will be demoted.

The Order of the Lily and the Eagle undertakes the commitment to guide its members with enlightened advice towards the development and manifestation of their own personality, as well as to provide all its Knights with the psychical, moral and intellectual weapons for their struggle against evil and for the benefit of the well-being of society.

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On the Order of the Lily and the Eagle

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